Learn more about past Finalists in the Start Peninsula community.

2021 Winners

Erin Bonilla
Founder, Bonilla Pet Studio

Bonilla Pet Studio is a photography studio that specializes in capturing high quality pet portraits.

Josh Rufolo and Stan Glover
Co-Founders, Pocket Properties

Pocket Properties enables users to buy and trade fractional shares of real estate using blockchain technology.

Maya Holihan
Founder, eWedded

EWedded is an e-commerce site that helps wedding businesses and brands to sell discontinued and overstock luxury products for up to 80% off retail prices.

Craig Zingerline
Keynote Speaker, Final Event

Craig Zingerline, 6x Founder and current Founder/CEO at Growth University, provided the final key note. Prior to founding Growth University, Craig Zingerline held growth & product leadership roles at Sandboxx, Upside Travel, Red Tricycle, Votion, New Signature, e-Dialog, & more. Craig is an award winning product strategist and 2-time LAUNCH Accelerator Founder.

2021 Final Event Participants

2021 Start Peninsula Final Event pitches included: Care Concierge, C.A.S.S.I.E, eZverifi, Green Light, Khitech, LetsVidya, NerdFlex, Spellcross, True-Rep

2020 Winners

Peter Van Davelaar
Founder, Wave Travel Brewer

Wave Travel Brewer is a coffee brewing system that works for K-Cups in a microwave oven.

Alexis Perkins
Founder, Chair One Fitness

Chair One Fitness is a comprehensive chair-based dance fitness program created for individuals who have complications standing or are unable to stand during a fitness regimen.

Roger Bennet and Celeste Vaughn
Co-Founders, Hottrok

Hottrok is a performance-based tiling substrate that serves as a radiant heat carrier. It is the only substrate on the market that readily accepts warm wire and has both thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

Drew Zirkle
Keynote Speaker, Final Event

Drew Zirkle with Safety Nailer provided the final keynote. Safety Nailer is a patented tool making hand nailing easier, protecting fingers and reducing nail buckling. In 2018, Safety Nailer was a Start Peninsula winner and in 2020, Safety Nailer pitched on Shark Tank and received an offer of $100,000 from three sharks. Safety Nailer is owned by Kristen Eifes and Drew Zirkle. Safety Nailer is committed to designing and manufacturing a line of tools emphasized in safety and efficiency throughout the world. They are a Woman Veteran Owned Small Business.

2020 Final Event Participants

2019 Winners

John Coggins
Founder, Atlas Quick-Clip

Atlas Quick-Clip is an attachment for the magazine of a firearm that relieves the spring tension making it easier to reload ammunition into a magazine.

Neil Haley
Co-Founder, French Slide

French Slide is a patio door reinvented to encompass both sliding and hinged door features.

Tyler Chianelli
Founder, Vestalyze

Vestalyze is an investment tracking and analytics software company that allows individual investors to optimize their portfolio

Warren Haber Jr.
Keynote Speaker, Final Event

Warren Haber Jr. has been a venture capitalist and angel investor for over 20 and mainly specializes in software and internet ventures. Haber currently works for Exoventure (Exo). Exo has partnered with thousands of early stage tech entrepreneurs to build innovative global companies. Haber has worked for Crossbar Capital, Mellon Ventures, Grand Central Holdings and GE Equity.

2019 Final Event Participants

2019 Start Peninsula Final Event pitches included: revolutionized coffee, the modern cold tub, consumer verification service,
swimwear with waterproof pockets, dorm storage solutions, solar aircrafts and smart fitness equipment.

2018 Winners

Drew Zirkle
Founder, Safety Nailer

Safety Nailer is a patented tool that makes hand nailing easier, protects your fingers and reduces nail buckling.

Jaynee Sasso
Founder, Senior Runs

Senior Runs is a company helping senior citizens and those that care for them to keep their lives “Movin Forward” through community-based transportation support.

Eunice N. Cofie
Founder, Nuekie

Nuekie is an innovative health and beauty company making products for people of color.

Jason Calacanis
Keynote Speaker, Final Event

Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author and podcaster. He is the Founder of various companies including: Weblogs, Inc., Inside.com, Silicon Alley Reporter and LAUNCH Media. To date, Calacanis’ LAUNCH Fund has invested in over 200 startups, seven of which have gone on to achieve valuations over a billion dollars: Uber, Thumbtack, Datastax, Wealthfront, Robinhood, Desktop Metal, & Calm.