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Start Peninsula is an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. Start Peninsula helps launch you and your business idea towards success through hosting pitch competitions, pitch workshops and informational sessions.

Start Peninsula is excited to announce that we will be hosting four (4) (virtual) Micro Pitch Competitions throughout 2021 with a separate final pitch event occurring this November. Are you interested in pitching your business idea? Apply for a chance to compete in one of our Micro Pitch competitions today!

Pitch Competitions

Do You Have a Business Idea – Start is the Place for You!

Do you have a business idea (or invention) and need guidance and/or funding to get it off the ground? Then clear your calendar for one of our upcoming Micro Pitch Competitions! Apply to Pitch


  • Micro pitch #1 – March
  • Micro pitch #2 – April
  • Micro pitch #3 – September
  • Micro pitch #4 – October

Pitch Perfect Workshops

Not Sure Yet – Learn to Make the Perfect Pitch

Do you have an idea, but do not feel ready to present? Start with Pitch Perfect! A program designed to help you learn the essential elements of a good pitch. Connect with our group of seasoned mentors and learn how to deliver your idea with confidence.


  • Pitch Perfect #1 – Early March
  • Pitch Perfect #2 – Late March
  • Pitch Perfect #3 – August
  • Pitch Perfect #4 – September
  • Pitcher Perfect #5 (Final Event Participants only) – October

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