Learn more about past Start Peninsula Winners.

2023 Start Peninsula Winners

Drew Keever
Co-founder, AdvisorFinder

Jeremy Swack
C0-founder, Forentify

Borden Edgerton
Co-founder, InfraSGA

2022 Start Peninsula Winners

Tahjere Lewis
Founder, Aunt Carol’s Sauce

Adrian Dews, Jr
Founder, ChxmpionChip

Dominique Hawkins
Founder and CEO, Hemo-Stat Vitamins LLC

2021 Start Peninsula Winners

Erin Bonilla
Founder, Bonilla Pet Studio

Maya Holihan
Founder, eWedded

Josh Rufolo and Stan Glover
Co-Founders, Pocket Properties

2020 Start Peninsula Winners

Peter Van Davelaar
Founder, Wave Travel Brewer

Alexis Perkins
Founder, Chair One Fitness

Roger Bennet and Celeste Vaughn
Co-Founders, Hottrok

2019 Start Peninsula Winners

John Coggins
Founder, Atlas Quick-Clip

Neil Haley
Co-Founder, French Slide

Tyler Chianelli
Founder, Vestalyze

2018 Start Peninsula Winners

Drew Zirkle
Founder, Safety Nailer

Jaynee Sasso
Founder, Senior Runs

Eunice N. Cofie
Founder, Nuekie

2017 Start Peninsula Winners

Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes
Co-Founders, Instant Teams

Duncan Hamra and Tyler Bell
Co-Founders, Formatically.com

Rebecca Mulvain
Founder, Muddy Marley’s Dog Wash

2016 Start Peninsula Winners

Max DePiro
Founder, Unmanned Aerial Propulsion Systems

Yingjia Liu
Founder, Harber Bear

Adam Dreyfus
Founder, AnswersNow

2015 Start Peninsula Winners

Heather Kerkering
Founder, CoastWize

Nathaniel Marcus
Founder, OccasionGenius

Brian Stewart
Founder, Frog-Skin

2014 Start Peninsula Winners

Will Jenkins II
Founder, Sweathogs

Landon Lamb
Founder, Sink Alert

J.T. Castner
Founder, Scoop Saver

2013 Start Peninsula Winners

Aazia “Aaz” Mickens-Dessaso
Founder, Headcount

Dr. James Hubbard
Founder, Hubbard Innovative Systems

Steve Hackbarth
Founder, Logistify

2012 Start Peninsula Winners

Jeremy Alessi
Founder, Handheld Handyman

Will Correll
Founder, Buskey Cider

Ankit Shah
Founder, Early Detection of Oral Cancer