You aren’t born with the natural ability to speak in public, it’s a talent that takes practice.

Check out Gary Plaag (CEO of Couragio Consulting and an adjunct professor in communications)  and Tim Ryan (Executive Director of and President of Arcphor) chat about Pitch Perfect, the art of pitching, and why practice and feedback are so important.

Pitch Perfect

Are you planning to pitch your business idea at Start Peninsula?

After all the work you put into your startup, your ultimate success often depends on the business pitch. Informal ‘elevator pitches’ are the way to sell your business and create relationships that secure future resources. If you want to improve your business pitch, we are here to help!

You will learn:

• The essential elements of every good pitch

• How to get people’s attention and keep it

• How to start, deliver and articulate your pitch with confidence

*Zoom links will be sent to those that registered prior to the event*

In addition, these training workshops are perfect for those interested in our Micro Pitch events, where you pitch your business idea for a chance to qualify for our main event in November and win $5,000!

Pitch Perfect Workshops are FREE to those Pitching an idea at Micro Pitch events or $10 for each workshop. A promotion/discount code will be given to those that attend Pitch Perfect and then later decide to pitch at Start Peninsula. Contact for more information.

** ONLINE PITCH PERFECTS ARE FREE! Take advantage of this great opportunity at home to polish your pitch skills and learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and professors**


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